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Kelly's Korner: Is the Earth really flat?

Juanita Kelly-Hill

Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly
Staff Writer

We’ve all been through that stage in our life where we would obsess over conspiracy theories and spent countless hours researching and watching YouTube videos until we scared ourselves.

One of the most intriguing conspiracy theories that I’ve heard recently is that the Earth is flat and there are hidden lands and civilizations beyond the ice wall of Antarctica, including “hollow earth.”

This theory is most popular due to well-known explorer and Naval Officer Admiral Byrd, who went on an expedition to the South Pole from 1928 to 1930. There have been stories about a journal that detailed his trip that had gone “missing” when he passed away.

Over the years, people believe that a few pages from his journal have been revealed, which describe him finding land on the other side of a mountain that had not appeared there before on his previous journeys, nor on a map. 

It is said that once he arrived in this green land, he no longer had control of his plane and it was as if a force field was guiding it. It is claimed he saw a wooly mammoth and people of a different race.

Admiral Byrd and his co-pilot were then taken to an underground building, where he was greeted by tall men with blonde hair who explained to him that the “surface world” was in danger due to the discovery of atomic bombs.

The men wanted Byrd to relay this message to those who were in power, to warn them of disasters soon to be brought by war.

As a child I was gullible and probably would have taken such theory into consideration. But now that I’ve grown I realize humans come up with these theories and tend to find truth in them because hidden secrets of the world would make life more interesting. 



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