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Kelly's Korner: Dreaded winter is here

Juanita Kelly-Hill

Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly-Hill
Staff Writer

I’ve lived in Michigan for the entire 22 years of my life and I still mourn over the snow that falls every year. 

Winter makes me want to hide in my house until spring arrives. It’s very unfortunate that humans didn’t develop the need to hibernate like other mammals. 

The bitter cold, slippery sidewalks and icy streets are never anything I look forward to. At least, as an adult. 

As a kid, winter meant putting on a snowsuit, winter school activities and parties, building snowmen, snowball fights, making gingerbread houses and, most importantly, Christmas.

What I would give to be a kid during the winter again.

I remember one winter there was a ridiculous challenge that kids participated in called, “The Snow Challenge.” People would jump into a pile of snow of about 12 inches … sometimes clothed, sometimes not. 

Though I didn’t participate in the challenge, I could say that was the last time I enjoyed winter.

Once I complete my bachelor’s degree, I will be on the first plane to someplace hot, where snow is very minimal.

I would love to move to Las Vegas, but with my chosen career path it is recommended I reside in California and make my way to Hollywood. 

Either way, I can’t wait to escape the frigid hands of winter.



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