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Jonah's Jabs: Childhood video games

Jonah Unger

Jonah Unger

By Jonah Unger
Staff Writer

There was nothing I enjoyed more as a child than going home after a long day of outside activities, grabbing a snack and playing one of my favorite video games. 

Nostalgia can be an amazing thing, but the other day I was reminiscing with my brother about the different games we enjoyed growing up. That’s when the question came up: “What was your favorite childhood game?

This question stumped me, and had me thinking. That's when I decided to make a bracket, with eight of my favorite childhood games. 

Starting out I had the first-seed Minecraft against the eighth-seed Metal Gear Solid for the PS2. I have obviously spent more time on Minecraft. Although Metal Gear was ahead of its time in its story, I would still have to go with Minecraft on this one. 

I then have the third-seeded WWE 10 against the sixth-seeded NBA 2K12. I enjoyed WWE 10 more than NBA 2K12 growing up and I played it more. However, I stopped playing WWE games shortly after that one came out. Yet NBA 2K12 is the reason I still play basketball games to this day. For that reason I have to give the upset win to NBA 2k12. 

Next I have the fourth-seeded Gears of War against the fifth-seeded Sims 3. I enjoyed both of these games. That being said, I enjoyed Sims 3 more but have better memories with Gears of War. A big factor in that is the fact that the campaign is two-player split screen. For that, I have to give the victory to Gears of War. 

I then have the second-seed Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Pac-Man World for PS2. I have more fond memories with Pac-Man; I spent more of my childhood playing that game. However, Black Ops is known for its ionic game-mode Zombies. For that reason I still play that game 11 years later. The victory goes to Black Ops 2.

From there, I have Minecraft beating NBA 2K12, and Black Ops 2 beating Gears of War. This leaves Minecraft against Black Ops 2 facing off in the championship of my favorite childhood games.

I have to give the victory to Black Ops 2. Both games are iconic, but the joy I have running around from zombies with my friends is much greater than the peace I have mining in Minecraft.



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