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Jonah's Jabs: Lions getting my hopes up

Jonah Unger

Jonah Unger

By Jonah Unger
Staff Writer

The Detroit Lions played the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, Dec. 4 at Ford Field. The two teams went into the game with the same record of 4-7.

As a Lions fan I have learned not to get my hopes up when the Lions are doing well, because they always disappoint. That being said, I always get my hopes up anyway.

However, the Lions decided to play winning football Sunday, and it turned out to be not only a blowout, but an embarrassing day to be a Jaguars’ fan.

Being a Lions fan, I am rarely on the winning side of a blowout game, so when it happens I feel it is my moral obligation to rub it in people’s faces.

The final score was 40-14. Jared Goff and Tom Brady must have switched bodies for a game because Lions quarterback Goff threw for 340 yards and two touchdowns, with a shiny 75 percent completion rating.

I feel like Lions’ fans got to see what their team can look like when firing off all cylinders, and I must say it’s more than impressive, especially coming off of a tough loss against a strong Buffalo Bills team on Thanksgiving.

The Lions have now entered the “playoff race,” and sit in second place in the NFC North, behind the intimidating 10-2 Minnesota Vikings.

Seeing the Lions go to the playoffs this year is number one on my Christmas list to Santa, ahead of a new car. With that being said, it might take more than Christmas joy to drag the Lions into the playoffs. 

All jokes aside, a redemption season is what Lions’ fans needed most this season. They have a bright future, with a strong young core as well as the Los Angeles Rams’ number one draft pick for this upcoming draft. I might be witnessing a new era in Lions football.



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