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Jayden's Journal: My first podcast

Jayden Hewitt

Jayden Hewitt

By Jayden Hewitt
Staff Writer

On Monday, Oct. 10, I was fortunate to appear on a podcast called “Galaxy Forum.” This podcast is run by LCC Academic and Arts Outreach Coordinator Melissa Kaplan, and it was truly an honor to appear.

I was accompanied by Lansing City Pulse Publisher Berl Schwartz and LCC librarian Ami Ewald. Kaplan, Schwartz and Ewald are all marvelous people.

The podcast was centered on media literacy. What is good news? What is fake news? We also went over what the difference is between bias and agenda.

It was organized marvelously by Kaplan. We had numerous perspectives on the same issues. Me, being a journalism student at LCC and writing for The Lookout, I found it great to listen to a librarian, and someone in the same field as me (journalism), but with far more experience.

I will not lie. I was very nervous. Public speaking has always been interesting for me because I think I doubt my ability to do it well.

But everyone involved was extremely welcoming, and I truly enjoyed it. I would love to come back to the show any time I am wanted.

I was even told I had a good radio voice, which to me, was such a great compliment. I would love to do sports broadcasting or something in the radio field, if that’s where life takes me.

I felt as though I could have been better, and could have spoken more clearly to get my points across. But it was my first time.

Overall, I loved every minute of being a part of something so fun, and having good discussion, while educating others. It honestly made me want to do a podcast. I’m not sure what I would talk about, but it would be enjoyable.

I would like to thank Melissa Kaplan, Berl Schwartz and Ami Ewald for their kindness and willingness to let me share my thoughts with them, and to listen to their thoughts as well.

For those who would like to view the podcast, it will air this week, so make sure to check out the link here.



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