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Jayden's Journal: A 'Cane in the Mitten

Jayden Hewitt

Jayden Hewitt

By Jayden Hewitt
Staff Writer

Football season is in full stride, and for me, that means a lot of heartbreak and frustration.

I love watching college football. There’s nothing better than waking up and watching football from noon to midnight.

Unfortunately, I’m a Miami Hurricanes fan. If you’re not familiar, the University of Miami is located in Coral Gables, Fla. “The U” was once a powerhouse in college football. But nowadays … not so much.

For someone who wasn’t old enough to remember the glory, I hold my team to a high standard because of the stories, even with the mediocrity I’ve witnessed.

To put it in perspective, the “Miami standard” is competing for national championships yearly, and the Hurricanes have only won 10 games one time since 2003 … rough, I know.

But all of the negativity hasn’t made me any less of a ‘Cane. I still suit up every Saturday in my Miami Hurricanes gear, waiting for change to come.

But one question I often get is, “Why the Miami Hurricanes?” The question is fair. Why do I root for them within Spartan and Wolverine territory?

My father, Jason Hewitt is why. He raised me a ‘Cane, and also raised me to never quit on my team.

During his childhood, my father’s uncle, who lived in Miami, Fla., would give him Miami Hurricanes gear. From then on, my dad was hooked.

Those were the glory days: the ‘80s, national championships, Hall of Fame players, Hall of Fame coaches, etc.

My father passed his fandom down to me and my siblings. While it’s been hard to watch, I love the ‘Canes like no other.

They may be mediocre, but the Hurricanes are my team.

Growing up in Lansing and Holt, I always got weird looks wearing my Miami Hurricanes clothing. Still to this day, I get comments about my fandom because of its randomness in the middle of Mid-Michigan.

I wouldn’t change my fandom for anything though. I’ll support the Miami Hurricanes throughout my entire life.



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