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Jayden's Journal: Oh the places I'd go

Jayden Hewitt

Jayden Hewitt

Jayden Hewitt
Sports Editor

I’ve become bored with staying in Michigan at numerous points throughout every year of my life; at least those I can remember.

I recently visited San Francisco in January and got the travel bug yet again. I've been to some great places: Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco (my favorite), Washington D.C., Arlington, Va., Baltimore and various small towns and larger cities in Ohio and Michigan.

I’ve been to plenty of places, but I’ve not been a tourist many times at all. I mean … my first plane ride was in January.

But without further ado, here is a list of places I want to visit, both realistic and not so much. My real list is far too long to share.

Australia: Where in Australia? I’m not sure, but more than likely Sydney. But I’ve always been a fan of wildlife and wacky animals. What place is better than Australia if I want to experience that?

San Diego: I’ve been to California once before and I have the itch to go back, aside from how expensive it is to visit. I’d love to see some whales, take in the good weather and views and, oh, catch a San Diego Padres game, too.

Seattle: There may be a trend starting here; whales and sports. The Pacific Northwest has been calling my name since the day I watched “The Goonies” (based in Oregon, I know). I'd love to catch a whale-watching tour on the coastline, and catch a Seattle Mariners game. And maybe even a Seattle Seahawks game, depending on the time of year.

Miami, Fla.: This one is pretty cliché, but hear me out. Miami is warm, and they have something pretty awesome: my Miami Hurricanes. If that wasn’t enough sports, they have the Miami Heat and Miami Marlins to watch, too, depending on the time of year. But a Canes’ game is on my bucket list.

Italy: Yes, Italy as a whole is a very broad thing to say. I could picture myself now enjoying some authentic Italian food while sitting on the Amalfi Coast. I can also see myself at a Serie A football (soccer) game. But most importantly, I need to see Venice before it sinks. Rome is pretty cool, too.

Tanzania: Let’s start off by saying, I’d love to see all of Africa, but to narrow it down, Tanzania would be my top choice. Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Natron and safaris galore: what’s not to like? There are too many places to visit in Africa, but Tanzania would be my beginning.

Brazil: So, Brazil not only has a rich, rich culture. Brazil is also home to a large stretch of the Amazon River, and very large sections of the Amazon Rainforest. Maybe it’s the wildlife lover in me, or the inner-anthropologist in me, but the Amazon is calling my name. I won’t limit myself to just Brazil, but it’s the best place to start, in my opinion. How could I pass up on seeing Rio de Janeiro and some Brazilian football too?

Colombia: Okay, so the big trend is not only sports, but me never naming one city in non-U.S. countries. But if I’m leaving the country, I need to see more than just one city/area. I’d first want to visit Monserrate in Bogotá, and I’d especially want to visit the beautiful, vibrant city of Medellín. I know, Medellín gets a bad rep, but it’s beautiful, and I’d love to visit.

Charleston, S.C.: I’ve always wanted to tour around the south, there’s so much history and it’s somewhere I’ve not been since I was very little. I’m also a sucker for a palmetto tree. I think it’s because I see nothing but oak and pine trees all day in Michigan, but I love palm trees. I’d love to enjoy the historical aspect of Charleston.

Savannah, Ga.: This may sound odd, but the Spanish moss that’s seen on trees often in Savannah is a large reason I want to visit. And the horse-drawn carriages and historical aspect appeal to the history nerd in me.

This list is over, officially, and may be continued one day. I have a lot of places I want to visit and I can’t share them all, but I did my best with this list.



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