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Jayden's Journal: March sports blast

Jayden Hewitt

Jayden Hewitt

By Jayden Hewitt
Sports Editor

March is one of sports’ most underrated months. Major League Baseball spring training has begun, MLB Opening Day occurs at the end of the month, there is the NFL Draft Combine, and so much more.

But the biggest thing March is known for, which adds upon its depth, is NCAA March Madness.

The end of the regular college basketball season and conference tournaments all lead up to the single-elimination, do-or-die bracket.

As a Michigan State Basketball fan, and a Miami Hurricanes fan in other college sports, I fortunately have a backup in case the Spartans lose. Miami baseball is fairly good, and spring football practice is starting as well.

The Spartans first have to play in the Big 10 Conference Tournament. The first game for MSU is on Friday, March 10.

After the conference tournament, I can convince myself the Spartans have a chance to make a run at a national championship. You would think I would stop selling myself this dream, after neither Miami or Michigan State have become national champions as of late in football or basketball.

The first games of March Madness will begin Tuesday, March 14. The tournament runs until April 3.

I do believe the Spartans have a chance to make a small run, depending on seeding and matchups. They have been shooting the ball very well as of late, and seem to have somewhat figured things out offensively.

Defense wins championships, I know, but some high-octane offense to leave games with no doubt never hurts either.

For those who like to make bracket after bracket for March Madness like me, here are some sleeper teams: Michigan State, Miami, UAB, Charleston and Oral Roberts.

You may be wondering what my criteria is for a sleeper. My criteria involves unranked teams with potential for upsets, and teams who are not correctly rated in the polls, outside of the top 10.

I can only give out so many tips, though. I need all of the upper hand I can get during bracket season.

March for many Michiganders is like a silver lining to a usually very dreary month of rain, snow and low temperatures.

Shortly after March Madness ends, Michiganders aren’t left with too much time to spare before the Detroit Tigers begin playing again, and the Detroit Lions pick their future stars at the NFL draft in April.

Yes, it’s a busy time for sports fans, now that spring is right around the corner.



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