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Jayden's Journal: A massive sports fan

Jayden Hewitt

Jayden Hewitt

By Jayden Hewitt
Staff Writer

Hello everyone. My name is Jayden Hewitt, and I’m a new writer with The Lookout at LCC. I’m currently a sophomore and study journalism.

I was born in Lansing and raised there for the majority of my childhood, while spending a bit of my early life in Mason and, more recently, Holt. I graduated from Holt High School in 2018, which feels like forever ago … wow.

I decided to major in journalism after realizing any future I had in sports was probably not playing them, sadly. Sports journalism was also something that stuck out to me as a child because I always thought, “Wow ... wouldn’t it be cool to interview LeBron James for my job?” Many years later, here’s my beginning, and I’m so thankful for it.

It may not be hard to figure out, but I’m a massive sports fan. Many of my hobbies revolve around baseball, basketball, football, soccer, boxing, etc. I love to watch them all, and play some of them as well.

On top of sports, because it may give off a pretty boxed-in outlook to my interests, I love listening to music, nature walks, fashion and graphic design, among my many other interests.

My goals at The Lookout, and down the road as I graduate and move to different ventures, are to constantly learn, and sharpen my writing skills.

I plan on transferring to a school within the state of Michigan when I graduate. Michigan State University is one of my top choices, where I can hopefully pick up where I left off and continue to write and improve.

I’m really excited to kick off a great year at The Lookout, it will be a lot of fun!



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