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Howell site serves 300 LCC students

Howell campus

The Parker campus in Howell is the headquarters for LCC's Livingston County Center.  Courtesy photo

Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly-Hill
Staff Writer

Lansing Community College’s Howell campus offers a learning community for students from Livingston County and surrounding cities.

According to Barbara Line, Livingston County Center coordinator, the Howell site serves around 300 students who are looking to complete degrees in general studies or healthcare, and/or transfer to a four-year university.

The LCC Howell location focuses on general studies and specializes in healthcare studies, in which students can earn their nursing degree or receive their CNA license.

There is also an early-learning program for high school students to earn their nursing degree by the age of 21.  

“We run an early-learning nursing program for high school students in five local districts and it is the only program like it in the state,” Line said.

“Students begin the program as high school seniors after taking health occupation with their school, and then attend a 13th year to finish their nursing prerequisites. By the time they graduate (from high school), they are eligible to be admitted into our nursing program at LCC.”

According to Line, the Howell campus also has a medical assistant lab and certified nursing lab, at which students can receive hands-on training.

The Howell location offers both in-person and hybrid classroom options to students to minimize the commute.

It also offers services including a StarZone, tutoring, testing center, academic advising, success coaching and computer labs.

While the campus does not have a library, it does offer the option of courier services from the main campus library. 

“Students can go online, request books from the main campus library, and have them delivered to the center,” Line explained. “Once they are finished they bring them back to our center and we send them back out.”

Line said while the campus does not currently have student organizations or clubs, officials are certainly working on adding them.

For more information on the LCC Livingston County Center, click here.



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