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Review: Spider-Man 2 game impressive

Spider-Man 2 game

The Spider-Man 2 video game was released on Oct. 20. for PlayStation 5.  Image from

Michael Leek

Four and a Half out of Five Stars

By Michael Leek
Sports Editor

Over the last month, I have had the chance to play PlayStation’s Spider-Man 2 and it was a great gaming experience.

Spider-Man 2 was developed by Insomniac Games and released on Oct. 20 for PlayStation 5. It is the sequel to Spider-Man, released on the PlayStation 4 in 2018.

The game follows Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they struggle to balance their normal and superhero lives. The main antagonists of the story are Kraven the Hunter and Venom.

When it comes to the gameplay, it improved and expanded upon every single aspect of the first game, while adding new features.

Web wings were my favorite addition to this game. They allow players to glide across the bridges in New York for the first time. The game designers added two more New York burrows to explore and web swing in as well.

The combat did not see many drastic changes. There are a few new added mechanics that put less of a focus on stealth.

As someone who loves video games, one of the best feelings to have is when the developers listen to their community, and add or remove things from games when the community asks. That is exactly what Insomniac did with the traversal mechanics.

Insomniac sped up the web swinging per request from fans, as well as adding more tricks, animations and slingshots.

Overall the game is nearly perfect, but the one thing that holds it back is the plot. The story is in no way bad, but compared to the first game, it was a little lackluster. There are fewer villains, and Venom, who was supposed to be one of the main villains, has a small amount of screen time in the game.

After putting around 30 hours into the game and finishing the story mode, I would give this game four and a half stars out of five. The gameplay was miles above the first game, but the story mode could have been better.

Insomniac successfully pushed the PlayStation Five software to create an amazing sequel to the award-winning Spider-Man. For the price point of about $70, the game is well worth it.



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