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Finals Frenzy helps students 'chill'

Finals Frenzy

Partners Bryan Noa Ferra  and Anthony Iron were among those who enjoy Finals Frenzy festivities on Friday, May 5.  Photo by Mallory Stiles

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Associate Editor

It’s officially Friday of finals week, which means that most LCC students have taken all of their tests and are ready to relax for the weekend.

It also means that Finals Frenzy is coming to a close, and will be missed.

For anyone still out of the loop, Rafael “Gabe” Revilla, lead support staff member, was able to explain exactly what the event was all about.

“So, Finals Frenzy is normally an event that runs through the period of finals week,” Revilla said. “There (are) different events all across campus.

“Most of them, you can either find here at the Center for Student Life or the cafeteria or in the mall. Other areas also have an influence, like the library and the learning commons. They like to do their own events during this time as well, so no matter where you go on campus, there will be something for students to enjoy.”

There were hot dogs, yoga, massages, support dogs, coloring books and free snacks throughout campus. The consensus among the student body seems to be that the event was a huge success and did help students push through.

Bryan Noa Ferra, taking a Japanese class, admitted it was the snacks that kept him and his boyfriend in the game.

“I didn’t have breakfast today and I was super hungry, so having some snacks really helped me to continue studying,” Ferra said.

Elice van Woensel, Enrollment Support specialist and student, took part in Finals Frenzy events and only had good things to say.

“I love Finals Frenzy because it’s such a good way to relax during finals,” van Woensel said. “It’s a stressful time and it just kind of makes things a little more fun.

“I got a massage; I ate a lot of popcorn and cookies. Some of that stuff can really save your life sometimes. I also heard there was some super cool stuff going on in the library with photobooths and graduation cap decorations, so I am going to head over there soon.”

LCC staff members continue to show up for students; they care about student success as much as their own, and it really shows during weeks like these.

Hopefully, their efforts will serve as a reminder for all students to keep checking the events page on the LCC website for what’s next. 



finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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