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Review: Famous Taco disappointing

Famous Taco

The Famous Taco combination platter is pictured, along with a side of chips and salsa. Famous Taco will be moving to 321 S. Waverly Road in Lansing in the very near future.  Photo by Mallory Stiles

Mallory Stiles

Two out of Five Stars

By Mallory Stiles
Editor in Chief

I recently went to lunch at Famous Taco, located at 1909 W. Saginaw St. in Lansing, and I was sincerely disappointed.

Now, I will preface this article with the fact that my opinion on Chinese and Mexican food is bias. I am a traveler and I have already found the best of both in different parts of the country.

Michiganders, you are doing it wrong. My sincerest apologies.

The best taco I have ever had was very simple and less than a buck. It was in San Diego and there were only four ingredients to speak of: lime juice, onion, cilantro and beef. Eating had never made me so happy. It was absolutely mind blowing.

This experience at Famous Taco, not so much.

The building is very small, only housing about 10 tables, and the colors are a little dull. The word worn applies.

My waitress was amazing; I will say that. She had a beautiful smile and the kind of personality that makes you feel at home. If I could ask for her at every restaurant, I would.

She said her parents actually owned the restaurant, and they would be switching locations soon. The new destination is set for 321 S. Waverly Road, and will seat over 110 people.

I applaud them for finding a new home but must admit, I most likely will not be visiting. Yesterday, I ordered the number 18 on suggestion and decided I didn’t have a favorite anything.

It’s called the Combination Platter and it was $15. It came with one corn taco, one bean tostada, one cheese enchilada and a side of carne asada, which is spelled carne guisada on the menu.

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. I asked for a box to be polite, but ended up leaving my leftovers on the table. This was because, not only was there a bee swarming my table, but I really couldn’t see myself eating it later.

All the shells were cooked well but the meats were just not as tasteful as I was hoping. There was no spice to any part of the dish and I did not like the color of the bean dip.

I would give my experience two stars. One for the people who worked really hard to make sure I had a good experience and the other for the fact that they did kill the bee.

That took a lot of effort, trust me.



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finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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