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Review: Rating Harrison Roadhouse

Harrison Roadhouse

Harrison Roadhouse is located at 720 E Michigan Ave. in East Lansing.  Photo from Facebook page

Mallory Stiles

Three and a Half out of Five Stars

By Mallory Stiles
Editor in Chief

It’s been a long week and unfortunately, it’s only Tuesday. I landed in Harrison’s Roadhouse and Pub for this week’s review on Monday, and walked out with an experience to remember.

There are two separate structures, one that is a restaurant and one that is mainly a pub. I did not know that, and took the turn that led me to the pub parking lot.

Atmosphere wise, it’s comfy. There is some carved wood above the bar that is eye-catching and everything was clean. It’s somewhat loud, but most sports bars are.

I ordered a starter quesadilla for $16.99, which I thought was WAY too expensive, and a bowl of the “award-winning” White Chicken Chili for $6.99, because that’s all my budget could handle.

I was right about the quesadilla; it had a lot in it but the ingredients didn’t necessarily complement each other.

I was very wrong about the chili. That should have been $17. It was creamy and the chicken was perfectly shredded, and none of the other ingredients stood out because they were minced SO well.

My waitress was named McKenna and she was the only one working. Somehow she managed to serve every person in the bar by herself. McKenna for president.

I left a good tip and got out of there because the drunk people were only getting drunker, but I will visit Harrison Roadhouse again. Maybe next time I will check out the restaurant instead of the bar.



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