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Review: Thai Village's food rates great!

Thai Village

Thai Village is located at 400 S. Washington Square in downtown Lansing, about a mile south of the main campus of Lansing Community College.  Photo by Mallory Stiles

Mallory Stiles

Five out of Five Stars

By Mallory Stiles             
Editor in Chief

I am convinced that anyone can become an expert in something if they try long enough, but Thai Village has me considering if some people are just gifted.

Located conveniently at 400 S. Washington Square in downtown Lansing,  this establishment has been open for 25 years or so. New owner Becky Jones has only been running the place since October, and I think most customers would agree it has been a seamless transition.

Thai Village has always been a family-owned business. Jones said it was kind of a happy accident that things would stay that way.

“It belonged to my aunt and uncle,” Jones said. “They wanted to retire and, one day I was just walking by and they said, ‘Hey, do you want to buy our restaurant?’”

She added that only a few minor changes were made to the menu, but a few things were also added, including a few things gluten-free.

During my visit to Thai Village this week, I got my usual Shrimp Curry with a side of double rice, priced at $13. I also tried the Pad Thai, also priced at $13.

Most everything on the menu has a mild, medium or hot option. Because I like to play it somewhat safe, I chose medium spice for both dishes and regret nothing.

The curry is always creamy and delicious, every time. It is spicy, but not TOO spicy, and the eggplant, peppers and mushrooms still have a crunch to them because everything is made to order.

As for the Pad Thai, I was truly impressed. I am very, VERY picky about my Pad Thai, so much so that I hardly EVER order it; but I was talked into it by the lovely new owner and was blown away.

It was good, and I mean REALLY good. So much so that I packed everything up and took it down the street to one of my favorite chefs and co-critic, Sam Stiles.

We are family so we generally like the same stuff, but Sam is also an avid international traveler and was similarly delighted with both the curry and Pad Thai.

She said that the Pad Thai noodles were perfectly cooked, complementing the moistness of the chicken. And she loved the subtlety of the sprouts paired with the texture of the crushed peanut.

We don’t disagree on much, but she summed it up absolutely, PERFECTLY as comfort food.



finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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