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Review: Cancun offers delicious food


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Michael Leek

Four and a Half out of Five Stars

By Michael Leek
Sports Editor

If you are looking for a nice Mexican sit-down restaurant with amazing food and service, Cancun Mexican Grill might be the place for you.

The one I visited is located at 1754 Central Park Drive in Okemos. There are three different locations in the greater Lansing area, so you can pick whichever is closest to you.

The minute I walked in I noticed the aesthetic of the restaurant: very colorful, culturally appropriate and welcoming faces across the board.

As you get seated the staff brings a side of chips and salsa for free. Cancun has a plethora of options to eat, from fajitas, tacos and pollo to shrimp cocktail and more.

I ordered the taco nachos and a horchata rice water to drink. I was out to eat for my birthday and my fiancée ordered shrimp cocktail, or coctel de camaron.

There was not a long wait time for the food at all. We may have only been sitting for five to 10 minutes before our food came.

The taco nachos had steak, fried jalapenos, cilantro, onions and melted cheese on top of them.

The food was nothing short of amazing and the horchata rice water was good. Everything about the nachos complimented each other. The steak was cooked well but not tough at all and the cheese gave the nachos more flavor.

The food was very filling and, although I went around 1 p.m., I was not hungry and did not eat for the rest of the day. I had no problem with this.

Some people may not like that the fried jalapenos can get spicy if you continue to eat one after another. The actual jalapenos are not spicy, but the seeds in them are.

All of the waiters are bilingual, which I think is nice. While I was there it seemed a lot of the business they get are from Hispanic people, so having waiters who can speak English and Spanish is helpful.

The experience I had was very enjoyable and, because it was my birthday, they brought out a huge sombrero and put it on my head.

I got a free desert of fried ice cream, but not before I took some of it to the face, like getting “pied.”

I will definitely be back to Cancun Mexican Grill to try more items on the menu. I rate this restaurant an easy four and a half stars.



finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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