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Editorial: Food services disappoint

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The Lookout Staff

From The Lookout Staff

With the beginning of fall semester 2022, there are many more students on LCC’s main campus than there have been in the last two COVID-plagued years.

In those two years, LCC made the decision to close down some of its alternative food options, including Subway and Einstein Brothers Bagels. The Grand Avenue Market in the Gannon Building remained open and provided students with freshly grilled food, but that too has now closed, and was replaced by pre-made sandwiches and wraps.

This is OK, and the food offered is … OK … but one thing that is definitely not OK and incredibly frustrating is that there is only one checkout line.

On any given day, and especially around noon when many students are in between classes, there is almost surely going to be a line at the one checkout counter at the only food market at LCC.

The Lookout staff believes the food situation at LCC definitely needs to be upgraded now that there are regularly a couple hundred students on campus. Back when there were only 50 or so people, pre-made sandwiches and chips made sense.

However, with the return of students, and the newly upgraded Gannon ramp, it would make sense for LCC to start opening up its old food venues to give its students better options than soggy sandwiches and unhealthy snack foods.

At the very least, the college needs to upgrade the food it currently offers, and also add another checkout lane so students don’t have to spend their breaks in a line.



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