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Editorial: Expecting a steamy summer

The Lookout Staff

From The Lookout Staff

Buckle in, Michiganders, for one of the hottest summers of your life.

Last year’s summer had an average of around 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and it felt like a steam sauna with every step outside. Given the average yearly temperature for Michigan rises about two to three degrees Fahrenheit, according to the State of Michigan website, Michiganders can expect an average of about 86 to 87 degrees for the summer of 2023.

Ever since the 1900s, Michigan has gotten consistently hotter and wetter over the years. According to the State of Michigan website, Michigan’s biggest weather concerns right now are extreme heat and extreme precipitation. To combat these, it is recommended that Michiganders are always aware of the local weather, stay out of the sun, drink lots of water, avoid floods, and make an emergency exit plan for the worst-case scenario.

Michigan, of course, is not the only state experiencing extreme weather fluctuations. The entire world is experiencing them due to climate change.

Climate change refers to the long-term changes in the Earth’s temperatures and weather patterns. These changes are largely due to human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation and industrial processes.

These activities cause an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which then traps more heat and leads to a rise in global temperatures. Because of this, glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, and there are more frequent and intense heat waves, droughts and floods.

Along with the temperature, climate change also has negative effects on ecosystems, wildlife, agriculture and even human health.

Even though it feels impossible, there are some things that people can do to help combat climate change. The Lookout staff suggests that people can use energy-efficient electricity in their homes and transportation devices, eat less meat and dairy, reduce their food waste, recycle and/or plant trees.

People can also support policies and initiatives that promote renewable energy resources and sustainability. For more ways to combat climate change, visit the United Nations website here.



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