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Editorial: Boycott 'Faster Horses' event


The Lookout Staff

From The Lookout Staff

Members of The Lookout staff attended the MCCPA Journalism conference on April 6 at Central Michigan University and heard some very disturbing news.

MLive Media Group is no longer receiving media passes to attend the Faster Horses Music Festival in Brooklyn, Mich., because it uncovered, and rightfully reported, a flood of violent and sexual assaults that occurred in past years.

To be clear, MLive did its homework and THEN some. It analyzed approximately 130 police reports and interviewed victims, former members of security and other Faster Horses attendees, before publishing a single word. This was solid reporting and MLive was punished for it. 

Police were called to 91 assaults, there have been 30 reported cases of criminal sexual misconduct and SIX PEOPLE DIED. However, the only entity held accountable for this disgusting behavior is the sole media source brave enough to speak out against it. 

It was researched and discovered that the rate of criminal sexual misconduct reported was 50 percent higher than any other large festival in Michigan. However, it has been made very clear that those who make the Faster Horses Festival possible couldn’t care less. 

This is bigger than just Faster Horses, but it is the perfect personification of the same issues that have plagued this country since its inception; the encouragement of rape-culture and the prioritization of economic gain over the sanctity of human life. 

The Lookout has decided to not attack the artists directly, as we cannot confirm they personally declined to become involved; but there has been ample coverage of the heinous crimes committed, and not one of the performers has condemned these occurrences, or even acknowledged them. 

What if it was your 16-year-old daughter found bloodied and half-naked in a porta potty? 

I know we all love to hear a good live performance as the summer sun sets, but the lives that were forever torn or taken need to matter more. 

MLive sacrificed a lot to bring us this story. Now it is our turn to respond as a responsible public. Don’t buy a ticket. Tell your friends not to go to Faster Horses.

The Lookout believes women, fights for survivors and backs up trusted news sources. Do you?

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