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Editorial: Seeking cybersecurity info

The Lookout Staff

From The Lookout Staff

On Wednesday, March 15, LCC announced to students in a brief email that LCC was undergoing a cybersecurity attack and would have to shut down campus and all online access for two days, or until further word.

For most students, this left them completely in the dark for the next two days as to what was happening or what this even truly meant. During this time, LCC officials were working around the clock to get all LCC connections back online and figure out for themselves what had happened.

There were updates on LCC’s Twitter trying to keep students in the loop. However out of the thousands of students who go to LCC, only 1,500 follow LCC’s Twitter, and an even smaller amount of students from that number are actually active.

The majority of the students at LCC did not know what was going on; just that all of their classes were getting pushed back again and that they couldn’t access any of their LCC sites.

For students worried about their privacy information, LCC officials have said that as of right now, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone’s private information was leaked.

The Lookout staff knows the immense amount of pressure that LCC officials have been under to get the college back up and running. However we were saddened to see the lack of communication between LCC and its students as to what was, and is going on.

We hope to hear more details about the cybersecurity attack soon, and will pass them along as soon as we have more information.



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