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Gasoline prices going through the roof

Gas prices going through the roof

The Lookout Staff

From The Lookout Staff

Many Michiganders are sure to notice the recent influx of gas prices. This comes as no surprise to many people, due to gas inevitably being exhausted as a resource in the future.

Many people expected the increase in prices, and were concerned during Donald Trump’s presidency and COVID-19, when prices were so low that consumers were stocking up.

However for others, the increase in gas prices comes as a surprise, and a financial burden. According to an AAA’s The Auto Club Group report on March 14, the price for a gallon of gas is currently 89 cents more than at this time last month, and $1.43 more than this time last year.

This angers a lot of consumers, who believe that the increase in price is unnecessary and greedy.

The rise of gas prices can be attributed to COVID-19 and the current war in Russia and Ukraine. Because demand was so low during COVID-19 as people were driving less, the economy and prices plummeted. Now that demand is up again as people are getting vaccinated and going out, the prices have risen significantly.

Due to this all-of-a-sudden increase in consumers needing gas, gas producers did not catch up in time after cutting their production down for COVID-19. Now, they have less gas available, and so must raise the prices to ensure it lasts.

Moreover, now that President Joe Biden has issued a ban on Russia’s oil and gas imports, prices have risen due to the global market being affected.

Although gas prices are high right now, consumers can find ways to use less gas.

The Lookout staff suggests carpooling to work or school, combining errands to create less trips, and through the use of hybrid, electric or more environment-friendly cars.



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