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Editorial: Getting back in the swing


Chloe Gregg

From The Lookout Staff

The last semester of the school year has officially begun and with it comes the end of winter break.

For many LCC students, this has been a month-long break spent recouping and recovering from the final exams of last semester. Many students went on vacation. Others stayed home and/or worked while over the break.

Whatever the case may be, now is the time to get back into the school mindset. LCC is hosting the usual Welcome Week to help students get back into the groove of things. There are also many other useful resources students can use to help as well, such as LCC’s library and its study rooms, the Cesar Chavez Learning Center, and tutoring options.

Along with getting back into the school mindset, it is also important to remember that this time of the year is infamous for people getting sick. As students make their way back from hometowns or vacations, they also bring the germs from there as well.

Please make sure that all vaccines are up to date: RSV, COVID-19 and the flu vaccines in particular. This will help to keep everyone on campus healthy and safe.

McLaren and Sparrow hospitals have seen a huge influx in cases involving RSV, COVID-19 and the flu, and are already filling up with patients. So The Lookout staff asks that you please do your part in keeping everyone safe.

Finally, The Lookout is excited to announce that we will continue to publish an average of three new stories every weekday on our online website. These will range from news, features and arts and entertainment, to reviews and opinion columns.

Our next print edition will hit shelves around LCC’s campuses on Monday, Feb. 6.



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