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LCC offering new drone program

drone program

Pictured is a Maverick 2 Air drone that will be used in the new LCC drone program. Courtesy photo

Jonah Unger

By Jonah Unger
Staff Writer

During this academic year, LCC is introducing its very own drone program. This is a 21-credit program held at LCC’s west campus.

The program will help teach students cinematography, flying, data processing and how to fix and rebuild their own drone.

This program starts in the spring of 2023. It has taken two years to get the program running, according to Shelley Jeltema, adjunct professor of geospatial science.

“The ultimate goal of the drone program is to train our students how to fly drones commercially,” Jeltema said.

The program will be offered in two separate parts. The first part is an eight-week flight school in which students can take the Federal Aviation Administration 107 test and earn a flying certificate, as well as learn the legal boundaries for flying commercially.

“That allows the holder to fly drones commercially and make money,” Jeltema said. 

The second part of the program takes place after the 107 certificate. This part focuses on data processing and cinematography.

“The drones are typically used for mapping … so you’ve got a camera and you have to figure out how to get the data off from the drone,” Jeltema said. “If you’re doing movies, (you will learn) how to make the footage look absolutely fantastic on the big screen or TV.”

There is an abundance of jobs in this field, Jeltema said, including video making, wildlife research, delivery services and many more. 

“I just had a friend buy a tesla in cash,” Jeltema chuckled. “That's the cool thing too, is this is all literally things that you can do on the weekend after your day job.”

As the program gets underway next semester, there are currently two instructors (Jeltema is one of them), one for each part. The students will be given their own drone to fly. 

“The biggest thing I see with this, is students are going to be on the cutting edge and they can take this wherever they want to go in any direction,” Jeltema said passionately. “It’s so cool being on the cutting edge, actually ahead of the cutting edge.”

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