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Dart Auditorium work near conclusion

Dart renovations

Dart Auditorium has been undergoing renovations for the past year and a half, and will be back in use this fall.  Courtesy photo

Mallory Stiles

By Mallory Stiles
Editor in Chief

Lansing Community College is making another step to stay relevant by completely remodeling the Dart Auditorium. The lengthy process is nearly finished.

Technical Director Robert Fernholz is a veteran LCC employee. He has been with LCC for 11 years, and in the Performing Arts Department for 10.

Fernholz said he feels at home where he is now because of the “the energy associated with a collaborative environment” and has been happy to oversee the project from day one.

“It’s been worked on for the last year and a half or so and a lot of work went into the auditorium itself,” he said. “Inside the theater, they did a lot of cosmetic improvements; new seats, a new seating arrangement. We now have an aisle in the middle of the upper section. We have new paints, new architectural lighting and new filtration and HVAC systems.

“There’s a lot that’s behind the scenes that aren’t totally obvious, but it was a really sizable renovation; it was just more internally focused. This is phase one but I have been told there is phase two and phase three that are potentially in the works as well.”

These improvements were more than necessary because, even though the building has stood there since 1980, there has never been a full remodel.

This auditorium is not only the home of the Performing Arts Department, but it is also the centerpiece of campus and the hub of a lot of LCC history.

“Dart Auditorium is the largest meeting place the college has,” Fernholz said. “It’s used by all the departments for meetings, graduations, commencement ceremonies, keynote addresses.

“President Bill Clinton was in Dart Auditorium.”

DartPictured is the Dart Auditorium from the top of the seating section.  Courtesy photo

There is a lot of unpacking that follows phase one but that won’t stop this department from showing off its new and improved nest.

“We are hosting the division kickoff on Aug. 14,” Fernholz said. “It will be the first event held since the remodel, but it will be limited. We are only able to supply limited support because we don’t have everything put together yet, but a lot of people want to see the space.

“It will be a noticeable difference.”



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