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Cybersecurity attack probe continues

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Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Editor in Chief

On Wednesday, March 15, LCC officials announced an ongoing cybersecurity attack and that the college was to be shut down the following two days.

All college classes, events, practices and activities were suspended. College employees, with a few exceptions, were told not to work.

“Last week, LCC detected suspicious activity in our network environment,” LCC Director of Public Relations Marilyn Twine said. “We notified state and federal law enforcement and disconnected our servers and internet from the outside world as a precaution to protect our systems and prevent damage.”

According to Twine, LCC launched an investigation into the cybersecurity attack with the help of third-party specialists. The investigation is still ongoing with no new updates at this time.

Twine also confirmed there is no evidence to suggest that anyone’s personal information is at risk. If the investigation finds this is the case, people affected will be notified.

Fortunately, most operations were restored and the college was brought back online, with everyone allowed back on campuses officially, on Tuesday, March 21.

This was largely because of LCC Chief Information Officer Bill Garlick and his team in Information Technology.

“Without question, the greatest asset we have in the ITS division are the people I have the honor to work with,” Garlick said. “None of the technology, tools and software in use at the college can operate without them. Unlike the computers they work to keep running, people cannot keep working around the clock.”

Garlick said that throughout the event, his department set goals and objectives to focus on each day and made sure to send workers home whenever they could.

“It isn't just our employees affected by working extra hours; they each have their own circles of people that are impacted, be it family, friends or the random people you pass by at the store,” Garlick said. “But even with being mindful of all that, many hours were still being worked.

“In the end, our people were phenomenal professionals that took care of what needed to get done. I could not be prouder seeing my team shine and be resilient in the face of such a great challenge.”

President Steve Robinson took a moment to thank his employees and faculty for their hard work and dedication during this challenging time in The Star, LCC’s employee newsletter.

“I want to take a few minutes to extend a personal thank you to each and every LCC employee for your assistance, patience and student-focus during the past week,” Robinson said. “This has been a stressful experience, but I have been extremely impressed by the dedication you’ve all shown to ensure our students can continue their education with as little disruption as possible.”

Garlick said he is willing and eager to share more information about the cybersecurity attack once the investigation is concluded.



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