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Creative writing club fun, therapeutic

Creative writing club is fun, therapeutic

LCC Creative Writing Society President Sara Tascarella is shown participating in the recent 'Washington Court' Reads event. Courtesy photo

Jacob Zokvic

By Jacob Zokvic
Staff Writer

The Creative Writing Society (CWS) is a club at LCC in which students can express themselves through their writing.

The club’s stated purpose is: “To provide a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for all students interested in creative writing, by creating a space to create, be inspired, collaborate and learn from each other.”

The club is involved with public events like the recent Washington Court Reads on April 19, during which submissions for the Washington Court Review were read.

The club also participates in programs, including the short story contest it recently hosted with the Delta Township Library.

Club President Sara Tascarella said she is pretty attached to the club.

"I have come to love the community that we are building and the opportunity to spread the joy of writing with our LCC and greater Lansing communities, such as our collaboration with the Delta Township Library Short Story Contest,” Tascarella said. “I can't wait to see what the rest of 2022 has to offer."

Club member Sierra Wordelman, also said she appreciates the writing club.

"During COVID-19, it was hard for me to interact with peers, but CWS allowed me to not only meet new students, but I was able to branch out to those in the field of literature,” Wordelman said. “These experiences and the sense of community have made me strengthen my skills and love for writing after being dormant for years." 

Faculty adviser for the club Susan Serafin-Jess pointed out how writing can help with anxiety.

“Poetry is a well-known therapeutic tool,” Serafin-Jess said. “Any form of writing is (therapeutic), from journal to fantasy. Writers can aspire to literature, publication or self-expression. All are valid. The Creative Writing Society is a good way to connect, to be heard and be inspired.”

Melissa Ford Lucken, another of the club’s faculty advisers, said everyone is welcome.

"A special feature of the Creative Writing Society is that any LCC student can join,” Ford Lucken said. “So, students who love to write, but aren't currently taking creative writing courses, still have a creative community at LCC."

Students who are interested in joining can reach out directly to club president Sara Tascarella at



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