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Craft fun helps students, staff de-stress

Crafting event

LCC student Alex Xavier-Aviles was one of the participants at the crafting event March 28 in the Cesar Chavez Learning Center.  Photo by Jonah Unger

Jonah Unger

By Jonah Unger
Staff Writer

LCC hosted a “Chill Craft” service event during lunchtime on March 28. The event took place in the Cesar Chavez Learning Center in the Arts and Sciences building.

About 20 people showed up, ranging from students and student employees to LCC staff and faculty. 

Music played while people worked on decorating bags. The bags will go to LCC’s west campus for the LCC Food Pantry. People also chose to work on “mini stars” as supplies were passed around. The event also had popcorn to snack on while people worked. 

There were plenty of supplies to go around, including water paints. People who attended seemed to have a nice time as they worked on their projects.

“It was a nice event and a good way to de-stress for folks,” event coordinator Debra Coulsten-Kwapisz said. 

The next crafting event will be held Thursday, April 27 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Cesar Chavez Learning Center. The craft event is meant for students and employees to release stress, as well as doing something positive for the LCC community. 

“The goal of this crafting event … is really just to have fun,” said Amy Park, Arts and Sciences project coordinator. 

Students can reach out to Amy Park at for more information.



finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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