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Constitution Day celebrated at LCC

Constitution Day

Courtesy graphic from LCC

Alexandra McCluskey

By Alexandra McCluskey
Staff Writer

Constitution Day is federal holiday celebrated on Sept. 17, commemorating the adoption of the United States Constitution.

What better way would there be than for the Political Science Department at LCC to celebrate by bringing in two bright, professional minds to discuss America using the famous musical “Hamilton.”

“The Voice of the People,” an event held Monday, Sept. 18 from noon to 1 p.m. in the A&S building, brought together panelists Mike Giles, assistant political science professor at LCC, and Dr. Samuel Piccolo, an assistant professor at Adolphus Gustavus College.

“It’s a story, the American story. It asks the question, ‘Who are we?’” Giles started off.

America is built upon our founding fathers and their creation, the Constitution. But Piccolo brought up a good question, “Should we revere our founders?”

Topics such as this, along with the breakdown of certain ideals within “Hamilton,” the history of Constitutional ideas within Sparta, and much more was discussed.

The event ended with a period of time devoted to questions from the audience answered by Giles and Piccolo.

Overall, “The Voice of the People” was a collaborative effort to understand the story of America via the themes, questions and perspective of the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” according to the LCC Student News.

Giles is looking to revive the Political Science Student Club at LCC. Anyone interested in political science, or topics of this sort, can contact him at



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