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Clubs raise funds selling gifts, goodies

Club photo

Medicine Without Barriers (from left) member Grace Titus, Vice President Nevaeh Collins and Adviser and Biology Instructor Arthur Wohlwill were selling handmade items to raise funds for NYAKA orphans during the LCC Club Fundraising Fair on Feb. 13 in the Gannon Highway.  Photo by Alexandra McCluskey

Alexandra McCluskey

By Alexandra McCluskey
Staff Writer

With the new semester in full swing and students settled in their routines, the registered student organizations on campus came together for their biannual Fundraising Fair On Tuesday, Feb. 13.

Lining the highway of the Gannon Building, students may have seen booths set up and filled with treats for sale or games to play.

Cru ClubCru Club President Bryan Morrison passed out info at his booth.  Photo by Alexandra McCluskey

The Psychology Club was one of many that decorated to the nines with a Valentine’s Day theme, streamers, pink frosted cookies, cupcakes and more. Vice President Stephanie Dunsmore explained that the Psych Club put an emphasis on mental health and wellness.

“I like the club, it creates a sense of belonging that can be lacking in other places,” Dunsmore said.

The Psych Club puts on mini parties, movie nights and holiday events for its members. These meeting occur every other Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the Student Life Office.

photo clubPhotography Club Vice President Kass Hopp (left) and Treasurer Jesse Blake encouraged people to join their club during the fundraising fair on Feb. 13.  Photo by Alexandra McCluskey

Farther down the hallway sat members of the Photography Club: Vice President Kass Hopp and Treasurer Jesse Blake. This club promotes the dying occupation of photography, hosting events and workshops.

“Our group is smaller, but we take care of each other,” Blake said. “Our group is open-ended, open to all.”

Added Hopp: “We just want people to get into photography, do something they enjoy. We recently went on a photo walk downtown, taking pictures and sharing our styles of photography with the group.”

The Photography Club meets every Tuesday from 5 to 6 p.m. It host fun events including light painting, professional portfolios, and its recent Valentine’s Day photo booth.

Across the hall was the Disability Advocacy Club, a fun, carefree group of people with games and prizes. The table was hosted by the club’s Recruitment Officer Alyssa Shaltry, Success Coach Frank Taylor and Treasurer Katelynn Seltzer.

“We’re not raising funds, we’re raising awareness,” Taylor said. “We’re working closely with the facility folks to make the stairs a safer place and identifying places on campus that are barriers for students with disabilities.”

It seemed the fair was a hit, with the Psychology Club making a $40 profit within the first hour. Streams of people flowed through the Gannon Building highway enjoying the fun event.



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