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Construction Club builds excitement

Construction club

Members of the LCC Construction Club enjoy a cookout during fall semester of 2022.  Courtesy photo

Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly-Hill
Staff Writer

The Construction Club at Lansing Community College has had a successful school year filled with events and outreach. 

Last semester, the Construction Club members hosted a cookout, and invited students from every LCC campus to find out more about the club, according to Club Vice President Hannah Eory. 

“The cookout was my favorite event,” Eory said. “We had hot dogs, chips and juice, and it was a greater outcome than expected. I enjoyed sharing the values and purpose of the club and seeing a lot of people interested in it.” 

The Construction Club will host a Reverse Job Fair today (Friday, April 28) from 4 to 6 p.m. at LCC’s west campus, during which students will be able to interview employers. 

“This is our second time doing the Reverse Job Fair, since we had such a great turnout last year,” Eory said. “Every student walked away with a job offer, whether they accepted it or not.” 

Club member Chris Shoner shared his favorite event with the Construction Club.

“I felt honored when the Police Academy came to us and asked if we could build a small shed for them to keep their shooting practice gear,” Shoner said. “This was our first opportunity to build something in the group since the club was reinstated and after COVID-19 shut everything down.”

Shoner is looking forward to the upcoming Reverse Job Fair since it will now be open to all trades, and not just construction. 

Shoner also shared what events he would like to see from the club. 

“I hope in the future we can donate our time to help build or remodel houses for disaster survivors and others in need,” Shoner said. “I feel that this will give members of the Construction Club a great chance to show off their skills and learn some more hands-on field work, and more importantly to give back when we can.”

For more information regarding the Construction Club, contact Club Adviser Scott DeRuischer at



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