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Cru Club gathers to learn about Christ

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Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly-Hill
Staff Writer 

The Cru Club at Lansing Community College is aimed at building movements of people who are transformed by Jesus Christ.

Faculty Adviser Eric Bennett explained the purpose of the Cru Club.

“Cru exists to introduce people to Jesus Christ,” Bennett explained. “We care about people and want them to know Him.”

The club is welcoming to anyone who wants to join.

“We enjoy introducing people to the teachings and message of Christ,” Bennett said. “We have Bibles on hand, so you don’t have to bring your own.”

The club hosts meetings/Bible study sessions every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon and a second session from noon to 1 p.m. in the TLC building near room 1202. 

Rylee Wohlfert, a member of the club, said she appreciates the Cru. 

“I am grateful for the club as it brings those who share the same belief together and offers support to those who need help,” Wohlfert said.

Wohlfert said her favorite thing about the club is the people she is able to bond with.

“I love the relationships and connections I was able to make in the Cru Club,” Wohlfert said. “The bonds that I’ve made are unique and I appreciate the club and its members for offering a space for like-minded individuals.” 

Wohlfert recommended the club to any student who is a Christian, looking for guidance, or curious about religion.

For more information regarding the Cru Club, contact Faculty Adviser Eric Bennett at




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