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Club unites anthropology, sociology students for modern-life insights

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Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly-Hill
Staff Writer

The Anthropology and Sociology Club at Lansing Community College unites the fundamentals of both anthropology and sociology by learning about humanity.

This is done through the study of customs, values and social patterns, as well as the nuances of the human condition over time, to gain insights into modern life, according to the club’s mission statement.

According to Faculty Adviser Kali Majumdar, the club helps bring together people with similar interests. 

“The club also serves the purpose of allowing students to engage outside the classroom setting, and (to) find a community that shares similar interests,” Majumdar said. 

“In our monthly meetings, we like to discuss trending topics in sociology and anthropology, including world events, and put together events such as bringing in speakers and organizing field trips.”

Anyone who shares an interest in current events and enjoys engaging in discussions that involve critical thinking and reflection is welcome to the club, according to Majumdar.

LCC student Joel Welch is a sociology major who expresses a great deal of gratitude for the club. 

“I joined the club because I was looking for ways to make a difference in the world,” Welch said. “The club has encouraged me to become more open to the world and take part in volunteering. For instance, on election day I was able to help new voters with finding polls.”

Welch said his favorite thing about the club is that he is able to surround himself with like-minded people who are open minded and share the same gratitude toward sociology as he does.

“One thing the club has taught me is that I am not alone,” Welch shared. “I recommend the club to those who are both sociology and anthropology majors, or anyone who shares interest in the topics.”

For more information regarding the Anthropology/Sociology club, contact Faculty Adviser Kali Majumdar at




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