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LCC has 'Medicine Without Barriers'

Medicine club

The LCC Medicine Without Barriers Club passed out candy and club information at a booth prior to Halloween of 2023.  Courtesy photo

Alexandra McCluskey

By Alexandra McCluskey
Staff Writer

The LCC Medicine Without Barriers Club brings together pre-med, pre-vet and pre-dental students. The club was started in the spring of 2023 by Ray Kejjan, who is now the club president.

Club Adviser Arthur Wohlwill is a biology professor at LCC who is closely linked with many of the students within the medical field. Kejjan reached out to him, displaying interest in creating a club of this sort.

A big goal for the club is gathering information for the path of the students and their careers. Due to the infancy of the club, members look forward to inviting their first medical speakers and diving into furthering their knowledge.

Additionally, students within the medical and related field are required to complete a certain amount of volunteer hours. Wohlwill and a couple of his students worked closely with Nyaka, a project aimed at bettering communities in Uganda.

The project was originally started by former MSU Prof. Jackson Kaguri, who took in his nieces and nephews when his brother died from AIDS. Nyaka targets children who are orphaned because of the AIDS virus, providing clothing, school supplies and free education.

The volunteer work that the LCC Medicine Without Barriers Club performed helped greatly with fundraising for the project, Wohlwill said.

“I have been working with this organization for a number of years, but during COVID, there were not so many opportunities to do so,” Wohlwill said. “I was glad to help out.”

This semester the club is a little slow in getting back on its feet. Still, Kejjan said he has big hopes for the club.

“I have hope for the group to last even after I leave for MSU after the summer semester, and add to the list of clubs available for students,” Kejjan said.

For more information on Medicine Without Barriers, or to join, contact Adviser Adam Wohlwill at



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