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History club welcomes new members

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Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly-Hill
Staff Writer

The History Club at Lansing Community College is a student-led organization that explores history.

According to its mission statement, the goal of the LCC History Club is to engage with history outside the classroom and to connect with Michigan's deep historical roots and history resources in Greater Lansing.

Club Co-Adviser Anne Heutsche shared some of the things the club members do when bonding.

“We watch films together and visit museums face to face and virtually,” Heutsche said. “We also play games and create weird history projects for each other. We meet on a regular basis and have fun discussing history.” 

While there are no set weekly meetings. Students come together to set up their own meeting times and events. 

Heutsche said she believes the club holds value to the history community on campus.

“I think the History Club brings value to the campus by being a place outside the classroom where students can explore their interest in history and build community,” Heutsche said.

“It is a space for people from diverse backgrounds to come together to explore local and global histories.”

Club Co-Adviser Wade Merrill encourages anyone who is interested in history to join the club and is working on recruiting more members.

“We still have fewer in-person events happening on campus than we used to before the pandemic,” Merrill said. “But we really hope the club can be a chance for people to connect, engage in history, and get some leadership experience too.”

For more information regarding the History Club, contact Club Adviser Wade Merrill at merrilw1@lcc.edu



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