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LCC choir's video honors MSU victims

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The LCC Choir released a video featuring the song "The Lighthouse" to honor the victims of the MSU shootings.  Courtesy photo

Jonah Unger

By Jonah Unger
Staff Writer

LCC released a choir music video on March 3 to pay respect to victims of the shooting tragedy that took place on Michigan State University's campus Feb. 13. The choir sang “The Lighthouse” by Andy Beck. 

“This is an expression of who we want to be as a program,” LCC Music Program Faculty Chair Jonathan Ten Brink said, “a caring and loving community.” 

Ten Brink said the song “The Lighthouse” was appropriate for the video.

“This piece spoke to the themes of hope, perseverance and community that we wanted to express,” Ten Brink said.

The video was produced by LCC’s staff and students, as well as media services and the president's office. Ten Brink said the intentions were to send a message of solidarity and togetherness. 

“It’s our two communities (LCC and MSU) entwined inextricably,” Ten Brink said. “We can be there for others when they go through tough times, just as others are there for us when we need.”

The idea to make a music video came less than 24 hours after the shooting spree took place. “The morning after the MSU shooting, Dr. Jonathan Ten Brink suggested the video project,” producer Melisa Kaplan said. 

Within two days, the plan to make the video was in place, including acquiring licenses as well as a video production crew. 

The video starts off with an introduction from LCC President Dr. Steve Robinson.

LCC’s choir had a short time to rehearse for the video. Because of that, the choir had to go with a song with which they were already familiar.

The video can be found on LCC’s media space here.

LCC officials remind everyone it is important to stay strong and stick together while we recover as people and as a community. Counseling information is available here.



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