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Chloe's Chat: The last one standing

Chloe Gregg

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Editor in Chief

I began my journey at The Lookout the day after I turned 18 as a generic staff writer. I usually covered varying news stories specific to students and student features with the occasional column and review. It was my first real job outside of my small town.

I worked alongside a large group of people (compared to the last few years), including two previous editors in chiefs: Maddy Warren and Julie Newell. In fact, Maddy, Julie, myself and most of the group were hired in together.

This was just before COVID-19 struck, and the group would constantly gather in The Lookout office between classes, working on homework, writing articles or just hanging out.

After COVID, the newspaper moved to strictly online and we lost a lot of our staff, leaving just Maddy, Julie and I to write all of campus’ news. Despite this, we persevered and continued to work hard on our newspaper, and grow closer as colleagues and friends.

The following year, Maddy left The Lookout and all who were left from the beginning group were Julie and myself. We were the last ones standing, both now veterans as people come and go from working at the newspaper.

We’ve been through a lot with each other, and we’ve learned a lot as people, friends and colleagues over the years.

As she has announced, Julie will not be returning to the newspaper next semester. As of this week, I will humbly be taking over as the new editor in chief of The Lookout. Julie has always been that sunshine in the office with a friendly smile, great book recommendations, and the funniest gifs. I’m seriously going to miss having her around, but I know that she is onto bigger and better things.

Becoming editor in chief is a meaningful achievement as I approach my bittersweet departure from LCC. I literally started from the bottom, the staff writer position, and worked my way up to editor in chief.

Although I’m not going to be pursuing a career in journalism, I still proved to myself that I’m capable of achieving big things, and I’m very proud of my position at The Lookout.

For my next and last semester as editor in chief and at LCC, I plan to make it the most productive and successful semester yet.



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