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Chloe's Chat: Orlando or New Orleans?

Chloe Gregg

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Associate Editor

So, in my last column I expressed how much I longed to go on a cruise. Initially, I wanted to go on a cruise both this December and over spring Break next March.

However, my boyfriend convinced me that perhaps going on both cruises is a bit unfeasible, as we do not have that much money to our name (at least not yet.)

But I haven’t given up on the vacation idea for December just yet. I just don’t know exactly where I want to go.

Our two options are Orlando, Fla., and New Orleans. Both are good options, but only one is where we’re going to go for vacation.

The positives of Orlando are that the flights are relatively cheap (about $50 less than New Orleans flights) and there are loads of activities to partake in, such as beaches and Disney World.

However, Disney is, like, stupid expensive. And even though flights are cheaper, places to stay in Florida are not. From my research they are usually around $200 to $500 more than housing in Louisiana.

Another negative for Florida is that my brother used to live there, so I used to go there every single year for five years straight. Before and after that I also went there plenty of times. So, there’s really nothing new for me to see in Florida besides the insides of 21+ bars.

On the flip side, the positives of New Orleans are that I have never been there, there are loads of fun activities to partake in, and I have always wanted to experience and enjoy the culture there.

Staying in New Orleans does seem a bit more budget-friendly and the flights aren’t too much more expensive than Orlando flights. However, I have never been there and therefore I would not really know where I am going or what to do.

I would definitely have to do more research before I would feel comfortable going to New Orleans.

Hopefully I will figure out what I want to do soon and book the trip!



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