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Chloe's Chat: Grateful for financial aid

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Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Associate Editor

This week has been life-changing!

Recently, I found that my next semester at LCC will cost a whopping $8,500, not including the $1,500 loupes that are required to be purchased for the semester. Even with federal subsidized and unsubsidized and maximum private loans, I did not have enough to cover this cost.

I was starting to get really, really scared that I would be forced to drop out.

However, a call came from this place called MI Works, which has a WIOA Program that financially assists people in training programs. Although dental hygiene is not on its list of programs, my adviser was able to get me approved so I can get some help!

This is the difference between another $15,000 in student debt and none. I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to work with this agency.

I would highly recommend looking into WIOA if you are in a training program from which you will receive a certificate or an associate degree. Not only are they providing financial assistance while I’m in school, but officials have assured me that they will also help me find a job and provide me with new scrubs, work shoes, or whatever else I’ll need when I graduate.

I’m still in shock and just extremely grateful.

Because of this assistance, this means I will also be able to continue working at The Lookout while I attend LCC classes.

Excitingly enough, I will be coming up on my fourth (what?!) year of working at The Lookout. I also wanted to share my gratitude for my job, which has made it so that I can live, work and go to school comfortably without stressing about schedules clashing or mean bosses.

My last school year will be starting this next month, along with my last year working at The Lookout. I have been through a lot while at LCC, and I’m just so relieved to know that I will have another year here without having to take out private loans and put myself further in debt.

So here’s to miracles, WIOA, The Lookout, and my last year! Let’s make this one the best one yet.



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