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Chloe's Chat: Finding a townhouse

Chloe Gregg

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Editor in Chief

This past weekend my boyfriend, Kobe, and I took a huge step in our future and went to tour some Okemos townhomes where we are interested in living.

We had always known we wanted a townhome because of our dogs, Maia and Theia, who are both pit-bulls, so need a little more space than just a regular apartment.

I also just prefer a townhome to an apartment because I have always hated the idea of someone living both below and above me. I’m not really sure why; it just feels more restrictive, like I can’t just wake up one day and decide I’m going to sing at the top of my lungs.

However, the whole “finding a townhome” is not easy. For some reason, Zillow and other apartment-finding apps really lack in their ability to present the nearest and most affordable townhomes.

The way I had to look was by typing in “townhome” to Google maps and just scrolling through every single result that popped up (many I only found because someone had used the term “townhome” in their review of the place).

Regardless, at some point, I finally stumbled across Meridian Meadows, some townhomes just on the outskirts of Okemos that are directly across from a driving range. This was a huge plus already; Kobe is a big golfer and I prefer to not live in the middle of a city.

The first time we went to take a look at the townhomes, I knew they would be the ones. They were recently renovated with a nice exterior that wasn’t chipping or cracked. Yards were clean and didn’t have trash all over.

The townhomes all have a nice patio backyard that is fenced off on either side, giving the sense of at least some privacy, which I really appreciate. There are tons of sidewalks, playgrounds, a “Bark Park” and even hiking trails behind the townhomes.

So, I called to schedule an appointment and, just this past Sunday, we went to tour them and fell in love with them even more. There are tons of natural light, especially in the downstairs living room and kitchen, and the kitchen even has a “peek-a-boo” window, which I absolutely adore.

I could already envision all of the plants and decorations I could set up. The townhomes are two floors with a basement, giving us ample room to even continue to grow, and all within our budget.

The best part? Upon telling my mom all about the good news, she informed Kobe and I that she and my dad used to live in those exact townhomes right after they were first married. My two oldest brothers, Keith and Zach, were both raised there, until the twins came along and they needed to move out for more room.

I’m so excited for our next adventure and being able to have a place that is all ours.



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