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Chloe's Chat: Cyber attack brings chaos

Chloe Gregg

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Editor in Chief

I have been going to LCC for four years now; the first two for pre-reqs and the next two to complete my dental hygiene associate degree. In all of my four years at this college, I had seen it close maybe … once?

However, in this last semester alone there have been countless “no school” days already. Most recently, there was a cybersecurity attack on LCC. This affected not just classes and students, but employees as well. (The Lookout will have more information on this incident later this week).

Because LCC’s website was down, we were unable to do our jobs and post our stories. Our newspaper staff has also been unable to email and connect with our sources for future stories. Just those two days that LCC was shut down pushed our schedules back significantly.

I’m just so relieved that LCC was able to figure things out and get everything working right before the next week. If they hadn’t, I probably would not even be writing this, and you certainly would not be reading it.

I feel like this semester has been a whirlwind, and I am not excited to have it lengthened because of all of the missed days. Somehow, every single day missed has been on a clinic day, meaning that I actually do have to make up all of those days. That is because clinics are state-mandated, and students have to record a certain amount of hours.

So, because we have had so many clinic days canceled, I will not be done with classes until well into May. As it is my last semester ever, this is certainly not ideal.

So, let’s just hope there are no more cancellations and no more cyber threats, so we can all finish this semester as soon as possible.



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