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Chloe's Chat: Summer of a big birthday

Chloe's Chat: Summer of a big birthday

Chloe Gregg

By Chloe Gregg
Associate Editor

Only three weeks more and we’re free!

… That is until the next semester comes around.

Some students will get all summer to enjoy being away from school and relaxing out by the beach, or the pool, or wherever. I, however, will go back to school for the summer semester. But that’s not going to stop me from having a great summer!

I do get about a month-long break in May once we’re out before I have to go back in early June. Then again I get a couple weeks break after my summer semester has ended and before fall.

This summer is especially important to me because not only is it my last ever school summer, but it’s also the summer of my 21st birthday. The big day is Aug. 23.

So, I have a lot of planning to do for the summer!

For my 21st, I had always wanted it to be this big thing or some kind of trip where my family and I all go somewhere to celebrate. However, given the history of LCC’s starting dates, school is probably already going to have started either the week before my birthday or the day of, so a fun little trip is out of the question.

For any other birthday I would just be like, “well, we can just celebrate early.” But obviously the whole fun of being 21 is finally being able to drink. So you can’t really celebrate a 21st birthday early.

I could maybe use the long weekend provided by Labor Day to celebrate, so that’s an option. Once I have more concrete plans I’ll update you guys!



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finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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