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Grave Danger brings fun to Old Town

Grave Danger

Brian Jupin is co-owner of Grave Danger in Old Town along with his wife, Roanna Selvage.  Photo by Juanita Kelly-Hill

Juanita Kelly-Hill

By Juanita Kelly-Hill
Staff Writer 

Grave Danger is a vintage video store that offers nostalgic games, movies and collectibles. The store is located in Lansing’s Old Town district at 1236 Turner St. 

Grave Danger is locally owned by Brian Jupin and his wife, Roanna Selvage. It has been in business for over a year. 

“Our store is a safe and fun place that promotes inclusion,” Jupin said. “It breaks generational boundaries by sharing nostalgia and healing our community's inner child.” 

The couple also have a showcase in the nearby Mega Mall, and an online store available 24/7 through the website

Jupin said he and his wife believe that memorabilia is the one thing that brings everyone together, 

“We were all kids once,” Jupin said. 

The idea for the store was sparked by a tub full of Ninja Turtles they discovered while cleaning out their basement. 

“We were able to share how much we missed the happiness that toys and memories bring,” Jupin said. “That tub of turtles gave us just enough motivation to rent out a showcase at the Mega Mall, and grow our business from there.” 

The store is for children and for parents who want to share the remnants of their childhood memories.

“Like many other people across the country, the significance of our store is to reignite the excitement for toy stores of years past,” Jupin said. “We hope that every person that walks through our door can indulge in something that reminds them of their youth and enjoy that happiness again.”

Grave Danger continues to give back to the community by not only sharing smiles and memories, but also through food drives and making donations to local charities in Lansing. 

Grave Danger hosts events and sales regularly. There will be a 50 percent off horror movies and horror related items sale in honor of the halfway mark to Halloween on Saturday, April 29. 

Visit Grave Danger during regular business hours, from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. 



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