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Review: Brom's 'Slewfoot' mystifies

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Abby Cowels

Four and a Half out of Five Stars

By Abby Cowels
Staff Writer

Set in colonial New England, “Slewfoot: A Tale of Bewithery” is a mystifying and horrifying folktale of loss, finding one’s identity and revenge.

The author, known simply as Brom, paints a terrifyingly beautiful story with captivating illustrations scattered throughout the pages. The book is filled with rich dialogue, making it truly difficult to set down.

Abitha is a strong protagonist; her will not easily bent. After being shipped across seas for her arranged betrothal to the patient and kind Edward, she begins her adjustment in Puritan era America.

The community feels threatened by her apparent difference in beliefs and demeanor, spinning words of salvation only found through willing subservience and shame.

In her most difficult times, desperately hanging onto her independence in a patriarchal society, she finds power within the allyship of a newly awakened and mysterious forest spirit looking for its purpose.

This is a horror novel that will tug at your heart strings. Be warned of troubling imagery and possible triggering subjects.

Check out the horror section at any Barnes & Noble bookstore or on to find “Slewfoot” and other works from the brilliant mind of Brom.



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