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Athlete Spotlight: Hunter Woolston

Hunter Woolston

Hunter Woolston (right) is a wing for the LCC men's basketball team. Courtesy photo

Jayden Hewitt

The Lookout Staff Writer Jayden Hewitt was able to catch up with LCC basketball player Hunter Woolston. A sophomore, Woolston graduated from Clare High School in 2020.

What made you want to play basketball?
“My dad coached middle school basketball when I was young and he’d let me come to practice. Just being around basketball at that age sparked my interest.”

When did you start playing basketball?
“I started playing basketball when I was around 7.”

Do you have any embarrassing moments while at LCC?
“Last season, I ran into Coach (Mike) Ingram at practice, which was pretty embarrassing.”

What are your plans after LCC?
“After LCC I plan to go to a four-year university and finish my degree.”

What are some goals you have for yourself, or for your team this season?
“The goal this year is to go to nationals. We fell one game short last year.”

Who’s one player you enjoy watching the most, and try to replicate on the court?
“I enjoy watching Duncan Robinson for the (Miami) Heat because we play a lot a like.

Are there any specific parts of your game you have improved on during the off-season?
“I think I improved my offensive mindset this off-season.”



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