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Athlete Spotlight: Spiker Ella Didion

Ella Didion volleyball

LCC freshman volleyball player Ella Didion makes a return during a recent match. Photo by Julie Newell

Jayden Hewitt

The Lookout Staff Writer Jayden Hewitt was able to chat with LCC volleyball player Ella Didion recently. A freshman at LCC, Didion attended Grand Ledge High School and graduated in 2022.

What is one goal you have for the team for the rest of the season?
“The goal I have for the rest of the season is to win the rest of our conference games.”

What’s one thing from LCC you will always remember while playing?
“I’ll always remember staying the night in hotels with my teammates and team bonding.”

Do you have any game-day routines? If so, what are they?
“On game days I listen to hype music on the bus to get excited.”

What is the main difference between college and high school in terms of volleyball?
“The speed of the game in college is a lot faster and there is a lot less room to make errors.”

When did you begin playing volleyball?
“I began playing volleyball in eighth grade.”

Was there anything, or anyone, who made your transition between high school and college easier? Or was it a pretty easy transition?
“It was a pretty easy transition for me from high school to college because I was used to the level of play from my club team.”

Who’s someone that inspires you, in the sport or out of it?
“My dad inspires me because of his hard work.”



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