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Athlete Spotlight: Spiker Molly Johnson

Molly Johnson

Molly Johnson is a sophomore on the LCC volleyball team.  Photo by Kaitlyn Delaney

Kaitlyn Delaney

The Lookout Photo Editor Kaitlyn Delaney recently chatted with volleyball player Molly Johnson. A sophomore at LCC, Johnson graduated from Portland High School.

When did you start playing volleyball?
“I started playing volleyball my seventh-grade year of middle school.”

What is your favorite thing about volleyball?
“I would say my favorite thing is how hyped the team gets, like when you have an exciting play. And just the energy that can (you) bring onto yourself.”

Do you have any moments from playing volleyball that stand out?
“I know my junior year of high school, we were losing two sets to zero, and we ended up coming back and winning in the fifth set against a pretty good team. So I think that was a really memorable moment for me, and a really memorable game.”

Do you have any personal or team goals for the rest of the season?
“A personal goal of mine is to get better at serve receive. I sat out last year because I tore my ACL, so it’s been a big transition of going from high school volleyball to college volleyball. … A big team goal of ours is to win our conference, because that hasn’t been done since 2015. And then another goal of ours is to go to nationals, which I believe has never (been) done ever at LCC.”

Do you have any game-day routines?
“Usually, our game days fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are the days I study, so I usually end up doing homework. And then we’ll go down to our athletic trainer Nicole and just talk with her, and that’s usually our routine.”

If you weren’t a volleyball player, what sport would you have played?
“I played soccer in high school, but that was just something other. If I could, I would probably want to play lacrosse, or if they had a girls’ football team, I’d for sure play that.”

What are your plans after LCC?
“I’m either going to go to LCC for another two years and do the stenography program here, or I’m going to transfer to possibly Ferris or GVSU and do the stenography program there.”



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