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Athlete Spotlight: Catcher Paige Antcliff


Paige Antcliff is a sophomore catcher for the LCC softball team.  Photo by Kaitlyn Delaney

Kaitlyn Delaney

The Lookout Associate Editor/Photo Editor Kaitlyn Delaney recently sat down with LCC softball player Paige Antcliff. A graduate of Beal City High School, Antcliff is currently a sophomore at LCC.

When did you start playing softball?
“My parents got me into T-ball when I was able to play T-ball, and I just kept playing until I was able to play softball. I’ve played since then.”

What position do you play? What made you want to play that position?
“I’m primarily a catcher; I play a little bit of second base this year. My dad was a college baseball catcher at CMU, so I just kind of followed in his footsteps.”

Do you have any moments from playing softball that stand out?
“I would say the one that I remember the most is (playing in the) nationals last year. That was one of our biggest goals. It was good experience.”

Is there one piece of advice you’ve been given that sticks out with you?
“I would say just be yourself. Play for you, play for the team and have confidence.”

Do you have any personal or team goals for the rest of the season?
“I would probably have to say going to nationals again, because that was just such a fun experience, and being able to be there with the team.”

Do you have any game-day routines?
“I don’t think so, just probably just jamming out to music before the game.”

If you weren’t a softball player, what sport would you have played?
“Probably basketball. I played three years of varsity basketball in high school, and I love basketball, but softball is definitely my sport.”

What are your plans after LCC?
“I’m going to Ferris State University to continue to play softball, and major in education.”



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