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Athlete Spotlight: Paige Antcliff

Paige Antcliff

Paige Antcliff is a freshman catcher for the LCC softball team.  Courtesy photo

Jonah Unger

The Lookout Staff Writer Jonah Unger recently spoke with LCC softball catcher Paige Antcliff. The freshmen is a graduate of Beal City High School.

When did you first start playing softball?
“I have been playing softball since I was 5, and have played school and travel ball since then.” 

Who or what was a big inspiration for getting involved in softball?
“My biggest inspiration for getting involved in softball was my dad. He played college baseball and, from the very beginning, always pushed me to be my best at the sport.”

What is your favorite thing about the sport?
“Having a bond with my teammates, who have the same goals and want to succeed as much as I do.”

Did you have a favorite player growing up?
“My favorite player growing up was (and still is) Hannah Carson, who played at The University of Michigan and is now playing at LSU.”

What's your favorite thing about playing at LCC?
“How much fun we have together as a team, and also have fun on the field. I like that LCC is far enough from home to learn how to be independent, but close enough that I can visit home, and family and friends can attend games. I like that I was able to go somewhere and make an immediate impact and continue to get better as a player.”

What position do you play?
“I mostly play catcher but have been playing a little bit of first base since coming to LCC. Growing up, I also played shortstop.”

What is your major?
“My major is education.”

What are your plans after LCC?
“My plans after LCC are to hopefully play softball at another college. I plan to get a degree in elementary education and become a teacher.”



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