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Athlete Spotlight: Guard Devan Wilson

Devan Wilson

LCC basketball player Devan Wilson is a graduate of Grand Ledge High School.  Photo by Kaitlyn Delaney

Kaitlyn Delaney

The Lookout Associate Editor/Photo Editor Kaitlyn Delaney recently talked with basketball guard Devan Wilson. A freshman at LCC, Wilson graduated from Grand Ledge High School.

When did you start playing basketball?
“I’ve been playing basketball my whole life, ever since elementary school. I would say I really started taking it serious (during) freshman year of high school. It’s when I knew I wanted to play in college.”

What is your favorite thing about basketball?
“My favorite thing about basketball, I would say, is just the process of it. Getting to be around it every single day, it’s something that keeps my mental health together, you know. It’s a thing of checks and balances. And then the bonds that come along with it, the guys and the friendships, for sure.”

Who is someone who inspires you, in the sport or out of it?
“One of my biggest inspirations I would probably say is my dad. Growing up around him, he had me around basketball my whole childhood, and then he always pushed me to be better. He’s the first person I talk to about every single game.”

Is there one piece of advice you have been given that sticks with you?
“Hard work beats talent. I wasn’t a very gifted kid growing up, as far as athletically. I wasn’t super tall, I wasn’t super fast. And so my dad said hard work will always outwork talent. So you just have to work hard, and things will fall into place.”

Do you have any game-day routines?
“I do the same thing every single game day. I eat eggs for breakfast in the morning, I take a nap before I leave to get up here. I get Subway on the way, and then I drink a Celsius before the game.”

Do you have any personal or team goals for the rest of the season?
“Yeah, I would like to see us make a run in the conference, and I think that starts with our game tonight. We need to string together some wins in conference play, so that way we can have a good win streak heading into the tournament.”

Why did you choose LCC?
“A big part of it for me was that I grew up in Lansing, I’ve lived in Lansing my whole life, so getting a chance to play for my own college is pretty cool. There’s a sense of pride there. And then obviously you’re close to home. And with everything LCC has to offer – the coaching staff is great, the academics are great – it’s just a lot of good resources to keep getting better.”

What are your plans after LCC?
“I plan to keep playing basketball. I’m planning to get a degree in criminal justice and eventually go to law school. So a school where I can get a degree in criminal justice and keep playing basketball, wherever that takes me.”



finish your ferris degree in lansing - ferris state university
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