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Athlete Spotlight: V-baller Olivia Sabec

Olivia Sabec volleyball

Olivia Sabec is a sophomore for the LCC volleyball team.  Courtesy photo

Jayden Hewitt

The Lookout Staff Writer Jayden Hewitt recently spoke with sophomore volleyball player Olivia Sabec. Sabec attended Haslett High School and graduated in 2020.

When did you start playing volleyball?
“I started playing volleyball around fifth grade.”

What would you say is your best moment while playing volleyball, at LCC or in high school?
“My best moment in volleyball was my sophomore year of high school when we won districts. We went through some insane hardships that year and it was so rewarding to achieve something like districts.”

If you weren’t a volleyball player, what sport would you have played?
“I would have definitely been a swimmer. I swam for almost seven years and had to quit for volleyball.”

Do you have any specific routines on game-day?
“I always take a nap on game day. It resets my mind (and) makes me feel 10 times more pumped by game time.”

What’s a personal goal, or a team goal for you this season?
“This year I want to be top of our conference.”

What are your plans after LCC?
“Continuing my education degree.”

 Is there a specific type of music or artist you listen to before every game?
“Before games my teammates and I will usually jam out to the “Pitch Perfect” soundtracks or any 2000 throwbacks.”



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